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Here is April's news from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services



In any grazing system you cant afford to not fertilise. Apart from water and sunlight, Phosphorus is one of the key components required to grow good quality pasture and lots of it.
Phosphorus (P) is essential for plant growth and has a major role in promoting early root growth. P gives plants better resistance to cold and moisture stress. Research has shown that fertilised pastures produce on average 10 to 15kg dry matter per mm rain compared to unfertilised pastures which produce 1 to 5kg DM/ha/mm rain.
Please see below table which shows how much maintenance SSP is required per hectare:

To discuss in detail the benefits of Single Superphosphate or to place your order please contact ian.morrison@tpjones.com.au or phone 0427 293 995. To read more about SSP click here

With winter on our doorstep, it is imperative that we keep our stock in peak condition as the risk of stock going down in these conditions is high. Feed requirements are at their greatest right now for pregnant animals. Supplementation is required for both proteins and trace minerals. This will assist in management of Twin Lamb disease, Pregnancy Toxaemia & Grass Tetany. Management of the high risk periods for cattle and sheep is now a simple process, using WeatherPro MagPlus.

For more details on this product please speak to your local TP Jones/Tas Ag Services representative

Agfest is on next week! Be sure to come see us at the Corner of North & Third over the 3 days. Please see our Agfest dedicated newsletter for more information on what we are offering this year - click here to view

Time to think about servicing your spray rig! Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure your unit is performing at its best.
Spray Shop Tasmania can service and calibrate any make or model of sprayer on farm. A standard service includes pump service, oil change replace valves and diaphragms, check all hoses/ fittings for leaks or wear, calibrate spray unit and controller (if applicable), check section valve/ flow meter operations, check nozzle wear.
Book now for peace of mind knowing that next season your unit will be ready for action with no costly delays. Contact Rhiannon 0418 114 889 or rhiannon@tpjones.com.au.

Its back! Waratah is rewarding customers with CASHBACK! For a limited time only, you can claim cashback when you purchase Waratah Jio® and GalStar® posts and/or Waratah Longlife Blue® colour wire products. Even better, there is an extra 10% cashback on offer when you make a claim on both Waratah posts and Longlife Blue wire.
Available for purchases made between the 1st May – 30th June 2018 Claims must be submitted by 5.00pm (AEST) Thursday 26th July 2018. Cashback will be received in the form of a Visa Card. You can submit your claim by visiting: www.waratahfencing.com.au/cashback
See in store for more details!

The annual Campbell Town Show is not too far away (Friday 25th May & Saturday 26th May)!
Now is the time to be putting lambs aside for the Paddock to Plate competition.
This competition is a great opportunity to test genetics and finishing skills against your peers. Lambs are judged over the hooks at Tas Quality Meats & live at the show with prizes for both categories, weight ranges and overall. As an entrant you will be able to benchmark your results against others as well as get to view all entries over the hooks at Tas Quality Meats and receive in depth feedback from judges as to what attributes they are looking for in a carcass.
Contact James Brown for more details by calling 0427 542 554 or email james@tpjones.com.au

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Here is March's Newsletter from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services

The hot, dry summer has suited most crops and those growers with access to plentiful water have, by all accounts, experienced satisfactory yields. With the exception of potatoes, harvest is now well behind us and most crops have had a smooth harvest season. Now is the time to be planning for the new season and soil testing should be at [...]

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Here is February's News from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services!

The recent outbreak of Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) larvae in stone fruit from Tasmania poses a significant risk to this states’ horticultural industry. QFF will attack a broad range of crops including stone fruit and apple and pear as well as berry crops and many fruiting and green vegetables such as capsicum and cauliflower. Biosecurity Tasmania has set up [...]

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Here is Decembers News from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services

The development of resistance allows individual insects to survive an exposure to insecticide that would kill individuals from a 'normal' population. The sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina has developed resistance to at least three classes of insecticides that have been used to treat or prevent flystrike on sheep. To read more about the evolution of [...]

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October News from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services

There is a huge opportunity to lift productivity and profitability of grazing systems under irrigation. Pasture utilisation of 1 T DM (3.3 DSE)/100mm rainfall/1 ml irrigation is an appropriate productivity benchmark for Tasmanian grazing systems, however this target is often not realised. Best practice can be as high as 1.5-2T DM (5-7 DSE) [...]

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August news from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services

With the amount of cold weather and pasture growth being slow and short, it is imperative that we keep our stock in peak condition. Feed requirements are at their greatest right now for lactating and pregnant animals but the available nutrients are not in the grass at the moment with high water content and low availability. So supplementation [...]

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March News from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services, your Locals in Agriculture!

" A few simple rules can help cattle producers design an efficient and effective worm prevention strategy" A basic rule is that young cattle, cattle under nutritional stress, old cattle and working bulls are prone to developing production limiting worm burdens.It is recommended to drench: calves require a drench at weaning and again at 8 weeks when buying [...]

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Losing lambing % between scanning and marking? One of the major causes of abortion in ewes is Campylobacter. Campylobacter is a bacteria that infects ewes in late pregnancy and can result in significant loss of lambs between scanning and marking. ABORTION STORMS can occur with up to 40% of lamb foetuses lost HIDDEN [...]

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MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR The directors and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued business over what has been an extraordinary year at TP Jones and Tas Ag Services. We look forward to continuing to service you in 2017! Please note our stores opening hours below during the holiday season. All stores, [...]

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Tasmania has just experienced its wettest winter period on record and also its 4th warmest. Budburst has come early for most vineyards but the cool start to spring is slowing growth rates. The Bureau of Meteorology are forecasting average rainfall for the next 3 months but an 80% chance of a warmer than average summer. [...]

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