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August news from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services


With the amount of cold weather and pasture growth being slow and short, it is imperative that we keep our stock in peak condition. Feed requirements are at their greatest right now for lactating and pregnant animals but the available nutrients are not in the grass at the moment with high water content and low availability. So supplementation is required for both proteins and trace minerals. This will assist in management of Twin Lamb disease, Pregnancy Toxaemia & Grass Tetany.
Pregnant ewes, especially twin bearing and in the last month of pregnancy are highly suseptable to Pregnancy Toxaemia. Common signs of pregnancy toxemia are:
  • Dull and listless
  • Seem to be blind
  • Usually they will not eat or drink
  • They will take no notice of a sheep dog
  • They may walk in circles and have spasms around the neck (arching of the neck)
Management of the high risk periods for cattle and sheep is now a simple process, using WeatherPro MagPlus & Weather Pro Ewe & Lamb.

Need more details? Please contact your local TP Jones Representative click here for contact details

The use of UAN and gibberellic acid products, such as Gala are a cost effective way to increase pasture growth over the winter months. The table below shows the cost of UAN and Gala with application costs – compared with feeding barley to livestock. Not only does the UAN plus Gala application work out cheaper in terms of Dry Matter produced, but during critical times such as lambing, it can help to prevent problems such as shy feeders missing out and mis-mothering as ewes don’t need to leave their lambs to get feed. On paddocks with sufficient feed ewes are able to stay in one place after lambing for several days until the lamb is strong enough to follow it’s mother and the bonding process has been completed. The amount of Dry Matter produced after the application of UAN and Gala is influenced by factors such as soil fertility and pasture composition. The UAN and Gala won’t turn a bad pasture into a good one, but can be a useful tool to help produce feed during winter, and help to set up paddocks prior to lambing. Another useful aspect is that control of weeds and insects can also be achieved by adding compatible herbicides and insecticides to the UAN and Gala. We have also seen benefits in adding a biological stimulant product such as TM Agricultural to the mix. A paddock demonstration conducted in 2014 showed a 29% increase in pasture growth when TM Agricultural was included with UAN and Gala. The information provided has been based on calculations provided by the MLA Feed Budget and Rotation Planner, which can be accessed at - : http://www.evergraze.com.au/library-content/gibberellic-acid/

Did you now that TP Jones/ Tas Ag Services stock a large range of Firearms, Ammunition and Accessories? We carry and source firearms, ammunition and accessories from a large range of suppliers including Winchester, Remington, Tasco, Nioa, Outdoor Sporting Agencies, Ballantine and Spika. Whilst primarily based out of Tas Ag Services Campbelltown, ammunition, safes and accessories are also available at our other branches: YOUNGTOWN | LONGFORD | LATROBE. Firearms are only available through Tas Ag. We are a licenced for Category A,B,C and H firearms and can take care of your transfers as well. For more details on any of our firearm range please feel free to contact Richard at Tas Ag Services on 6381 1206 or richard@tasag.com.au

To celebrate 45 years in the spraying industry, Croplands have put together a sales campaign offering some fantastic deals. As we are heading into the spraying season, now is the time to ensure that your equipment is in optimal condition. If replacement is required, here's the perfect opportunity to pick up new spraying equipment at a special price. Please click here to view full catalogue. For more details on any of the items or any other spraying equipment question please contact Rhiannon Robson rhiannon@tpjones.com.au or 6343 1666

In 2014 Systemic Downy Mildew (Pernospora somniferi) first hit Tasmania in such a way that made many growers question the continued viability of growing poppies in the state.
UPL Australia Limited, in conjunction with many of our poppy industries leaders, decided to assess the performance of a brand new fungicide RanMan® 400SC in controlling the damage caused by Systemic Downy mildew.
Independent trials carried out in Cressy in 2015, RanMan was found to be the most efficacious product on the market available to control systemic downy mildew. Results presenting as high as 36% yield increase, results also showed a three fold reduction in diseased heads, a doubling of bag weights, and a 40% increase in plant health score when compared to the control.
In 2016 an emergency use permit (PER82069 expiring March 2018) was issued for the use of RanMan on poppies in Tasmania, making RanMan the only product to have a claim for control of SDM in Australia, or for that matter in the world. Small amounts of RanMan were used in the 2016 growing season, with remarkable results. This along with the data gathered over the previous year has allowed poppy companies to recommend RanMan in their programs for the 2017 season.
To get best results from RanMan, UPL National Product Development Manager, Justin van Elsen advises -“The key in obtaining effective results im managing systemic downy mildew is to apply the product early in the crops growth stage. Growers should program for 2 sprays at the 6 leaf stage and then 10 leaf stage. Efficacy does diminishes once crop gets to row closure”. With RanMan being very affordable option compared to the ‘current’ spraying practices, there is a now a very good tool available to attack and manage SDM this season.

For more details on RanMan please contact Corey Hogarth on 0418 611 191 or corey@tpjones.com.au

Losing lambing % between scanning and marking? One of the major causes of abortion in ewes is Campylobacter. Campylobacter is a bacteria that infects ewes in late pregnancy and can result in significant loss of lambs between scanning and marking.
  • ABORTION STORMS can occur with up to 40% of lamb foetuses lost
  • HIDDEN LAMB LOSSES can average 9%
Campvax by Coopers is a vaccine that contains antigens of both Campylobacter fetus fetus and Campylobacter jejuni which are the known main strains of Campylobacter that cause reproductive losses in Australian Sheep.
The antigens used in the vaccine were derived from strains isolated from Australian sheep. Use of Campyvax in Australian sheep will help reduce reproductive losses (including abortions) due to Campylobacter infections in sheep.
Campyvax will not protect against abortion due to causes other than Campylobacter fetus fetus and Camplylobacter jejuni, so it is important to seek professional advice for an accurate diagnosis and recommendations.

For more information in regards to Campvax vaccine please contact your local TP Jones/Tas Ag Services representative

Friday 28th July saw over 300 converge on the Trams Sheds Launceston for the 2017 Red Meat Updates. The day was exceptionally well run and all credit must be given to the organisers for putting together an agenda that was both informative and inspirational. TP Jones was once again proud sponsors of the Virtual Farm Tour - if you missed the presentation you can view it here: https://vimeo.com/219043278

For a review of the event please click here

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