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March News from TP Jones & Tas Ag Services, your Locals in Agriculture!


" A few simple rules can help cattle producers design an efficient and effective worm prevention strategy"
A basic rule is that young cattle, cattle under nutritional stress, old cattle and working bulls are prone to developing production limiting worm burdens.

It is recommended to drench:
  • calves require a drench at weaning and again at 8 weeks
  • when buying in weaners they should be drenched on arrival
  • any cow below 2.5 condition score at weaning should be drenched
  • and first calvers should also be drenched now in ordered to maintain/add weight leading up to winter
TP Jones and Tas Ag Services have an array of drench products suitable for a myriad of applications. Please contact your local representative for product selection and pricing

Potato harvesting has begun and by all accounts crops are looking good. The frequent rains and timely fungicide applications have seen crops staying green and healthy well up to 18 and 19 weeks.

Currently early varieties, and some Russet Burbank, are being delivered into Ulverstone, with the storage facility at Powranna planned to open around the 27th March. It is a timely reminder, that while waiting for harvest, it is important to keep the potato moulds moist to keep potato moth out; if you are running out of water, an application of Ambush (WHP 2days) will do the trick; please contact your Agronomist for more information.

Cereals are being planted and it is important to remember seed dressings / treatments to keep disease and later problems at bay. Barley growers will be greatly advantaged by using Systiva®, a seed treatment that provides protection right through to flag or mid-flowering and controls some foliar diseases, as well as seed and soil bourne diseases.

Some recent studies have predicted that soil Nitrogen may be in short supply through the autumn months and that it may be necessary to plan for additional, or earlier, applications of Nitrogen before the peak demand period of mid-winter, with regard to cereals; please discuss with your Agronomist if you have any concerns.

With this in mind, it is a good time to be thinking about soil testing and fertiliser budgets for the new season ahead; our Agronomy team can help with crop budgeting and input forecasting to assist you in being better prepared for the coming cropping season.

RGT Accroc is a bearded, medium-long growing season winter wheat with potential for high yields in the medium and high rainfall areas. It is a variety that has taken a high market share in France where its combination of earlier maturity, high yields and good grain quality has made it desirable for growers and end users alike.
The variety has a goods disease resistance profile with very good resistance to stripe rust and good resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus. With short stiff straw, harvest quality is good producing large bold grain with a high thousand grain weight.
  • Full season growing potential
  • Can be sown in HRZ from late summer until early winter
  • Early heading and maturing
  • High yield potential
  • Resistant to wheat streak mosaic virus
  • Short stiff straw
Increased income potential for autumn/winter grazing when sown early
For more details on Accroc please speak to Andrew Taylor - Seed Specialist on 0419 104 186 or contact your local TP Jones & Tas Ag Services representative.

2500 KELLANDS AGRIBUGGY $105,000 + gst

2700 KELLANDS AGRIBUGGY $150,000 + gst

For specifications please click here
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