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Animal Production

We can provide a range of services in line with your enterprise requirements. This may include:

  • Advice on internal & external parasite programs
  • Training & Demonstration on correct animal health products application techniques
  • Feed budgeting and paddock rotation advice

Whole Farm Planning

Our Agronomic services packages include the provision to provide a range of in depth management and planning services including

  • Long term farm management plans
  • Enterprise evaluation
  • Paddock rotation
  • Capital expenditure planning

This may also include full reporting on whole farm financials for the benefit of financiers, prospective property purchasers or benchmarking.


In addition our Agronomists use the electronic reporting platform PAM to produce detailed crop budgets and gross margins on a paddock or enterprise level. 

Every recommendation that is written is entered into PAM so that at end of each season reports can be generated at the click of a button to help clients evaluate how crops have performed.  As this information accumulates over several seasons it provides clients with a valuable data base that can then be used in planning and budgeting for the future. Soon to be offered will be a Farm Mapping Service, and the ability for clients to assess their PAM database through a web based browser service.


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