Whilst worm testing is widely used via other service providers or farmers completing their own tests, there are benefits to using Worm Muster +

  • Guaranteed 24 hour turn around
  • Not having to perform own tests at the end of a long day, heightening chances of errors
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Unbiased advice


A modern laboratory has been set up and is located at the rear of our premises at Youngtown to conduct this service.
Clients are encouraged to drop by and inspect this facility when next in the store.

TP Jones, in conjunction with prominent independent veterinarians can also offer unbiased, on farm drench resistance testing. We consider this extremely important in winning the “war on worms” and believe it should be carried out every 2-3 years


Results will be phoned through and can be faxed or emailed if required. A comprehensive data system will be set up for the collation of records; results will of course be confidential.

To prevent delays, collection and delivery to TP Jones would need to be no later than Thursday on any given week.

Our field staff are out and about regularly, so consider using them to deliver samples if you are not coming to town.

For pricing please contact the – Youngtown store on 03 6343 1666.